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DNA Test Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a few of the more commonly asked questions about DNA testing, as well as our answers.  If you still have questions please visit the contact page to reach us by phone or email.


Are paternity tests painful?


For our most basic DNA test, the process is fast and pain-free. It's as simple as rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of your cheek.


After a DNA test is done, how can I get the results from you?


Once the results are available, there are three different ways in which you can receive them. You can pick the results up from our office, have them mailed to you by our lab, or you can receive the results by email.


Can you test the father's DNA without doing a mouth swab?


You can provide us with the alleged father's ear wax from a Q-Tip, fingernail clippings, or a used toothbrush. If you provide us with a hair sample, it must contain the actual hair follicle/root (can't be hair cut off with scissors).


Can a paternity test be done before a baby is born?


Yes. There is a prenatal paternity test that can be done while the mother is still pregnant. This new form of testing is also safer than old methods.


How soon can a baby be given a DNA test?


Even if the child is one day old, the cotton swab test can be done.


Can a DNA test be done at home, and not at your lab?


Yes. A self-collection kit can be picked up from our office. You can do the collection (simple mouth swab) yourself, and then return the kit to us. Within three working days, the test results will be available.


Can I have a DNA test done without identification?


If you simply want to know if a child is yours, and don't plan on taking the results to a court, we can offer you a "peace of mind" test.  The results of this test can't be used for legal reasons, so I.D. isn't required.


A father will bring a child to our location, both father and child are given a mouth swab, and the test results will be available in three working days.


Can our DNA test results be used for legal needs?


A legal test is one given after we have been provided with proper identification. A non-legal test is one given just for your peace of mind.


If you are seeking child support, custody, or to have a name removed from a birth certificate (if parent listed is not the biological father), you will need to provide I.D. and receive a test that can be used for legal reasons.


Does an attorney have to be there when I am given a DNA test?


No. Although you typically need an attorney to help you with legal proceedings related to custody and child support, an attorney does not have to be present when you are tested.


Can a DNA test prove that someone is cheating?


We offer an infidelity DNA test that can determine if someone has been unfaithful.  Because this process involves testing for semen, however, we can only test clothes worn by women to find out if they have cheated.


If you provide us with an article of the woman's clothing, we can test it for the presence of semen. If semen is discovered, we can also test your own DNA by rubbing your inside cheek with a cotton swab.  We then compare your DNA with that found on the woman's clothing.


Can paternity test results be used to help a child collect Supplement Security Income if the father passes away?


If the potential father of a child dies, a legal DNA test result is needed in order for the child to receive SSI benefits from the government.


How accurate is your DNA test? Can a test result show that I have a 50-50 chance of being the father?


If you are not the biological father of a child, your test result will always be 0% no matter how many times you are given the test.  But if you are the biological father of a child, the test result will always be 99%.  You will never get a result that says there is a 20, 30 or 50% chance that you are the father. The result will always be either 0% or 99%.


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